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After watching Dr.Oz yesterday I am totally pissed with the apple juice manufacturers. They are feeding ARSENIC to our kids in the apple juice they make.

They are getting apple juice concentrate from China, Brazil & Argentina where they are allowed to use Arsenic in pesticides!

FDA does not regulate this product. But they do regulate water. Our water is allowed 10parts Arsenic to 1 billion parts. Motts juice was 2X that & Gerber was 3X higher! Gerber.

When Dr. Oz asked for an appearance or an answer he was told that they met the guidelines. THERE ARE NO GUIDELINES

So parents take a good look at those labels. Lots of times they hide where the product came from. Look real hard, and be aware of what you are feeding your young.

I myself has started a campain to contact as many juice manufactures I can find & complain. PLEASE do the same. Power to the Consumer.

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